Saturday, October 8, 2011

500th Post

Well I know I have been MIA, soi will do a little photo montage of what I have been doing! Picture HEAVY!!!

Well first up I got me some of these

So for those who can't see the small writing these are a: Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Respiratory Science and Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Sleep Science. So I have completed my postgraduate certificate. I am doing a Graduate Diploma in Sleep Science as we speak which hopefully will end up with a Masters next year. So yes busy studying - I now have the highest qualifications in the family - boo yeah!

Though I prefer the certificate in my under-gradute - I dislike the coloured paper and fake calligraphy script. These remind me of something I would do up for a work employee finishing a module. Not a postgrad qualification.

The next part some people might not want to look at - I had surgery! I would say 99.99% of people don't know I have an implanted medical device. This cracked and required surgical intervention to fix the catheter. The pump sits in my abdomen and tubing runs my medication cocktail (morphine and anaesthetic) to my spine. So I had two scars - so here they are staples included! look away if squeamish - no blood though.

 All puffed up and nowhere to go! Taken during a bandage change while in hospital
 I found it amusing how the staples gather the skin. All is flat now
 The on on my back. I few cm's to the left you can see the first scar
De-stapled! Though I am amazed the surgeon couldn't follow a straight line. If you look closely he deviates from the original scar on the right. The sad thing is I have to get him replaced in 4years and go through this again. It needs replacing every 7 years, I was just unlucky the tubing split so badly.

The next one is something I have been working with while sick and amused all the hospital staff. Cross Stitch! So I did progression photos as I went - so here they are to what I am up to date in. It's huge and complex so going to take forever. 
 Just started - what could it be!
 Still no idea - people guessed a horse, or clamshell.
 Can you guess yet?
 Filling in!
 Still headless
 Has head!
 Has face and leg!

 Working on her skirt which is lots of large areas of whites, off white, light purple, slightly lighter purple, light pink and every slight variation of very pale to piss me off. I have got to the stage I hate it, but put so much time in I have to finish. My next one is a wolf and there is a lovely spanish lady I am eyeing off.

My previous flatmate moved out so I have a new one, and a new kitty to play with!
Beau the new cat is on top and my cat Sheldon is at the bottom of this ying and yang fight pose!

Well I hope soon to get back to a regular schedule. I have done some things to make life less stressful and hope they workout. I am also pushing hard to get full time work as both my jobs are giving my full time casual hours which is impossible between twos jobs and study. Plus recovery has been harder then I anticipated, I had complications so now need to go back to my cardiologist to refix a problem and I still need brain surgery, get my results of a shoulder MRI after the dislocation, see a sleep and respiratory specialists and an orthopaedic surgeon. Sounds like a lot, but when you brain and spinal cord are shot they kinda take out a lot with them. 

Take care and keep up with the great blogs I have been reading daily!


Congrats on the qualifications. Ouch that surgery looks like it was painful, get better soon! :( *hugs*

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