Thursday, October 13, 2011

Collective Clothing & Shoes Haul: New Look, Next and Internacionale

Hi Guys

Whilst i'm not feeling up to doing make up at the moment, i thought i would show you what  i've picked up in the way of clothes and shoes over the past few weeks, Now, i'm no *insert name of famous photographer* but i did my best to try and photograph them for you, i wish i could have worn them but i don't have anyone on hand to take pictures of me. I did buy a full length mirror last month that i could have used but it arrived cracked so had to go back :(

Sheer Shirts - Sophie @ Internacionale

I've been looking for a sheer shirt for quite a while now, they seem to be everywhere at the moment and look really lovely worn with a lot of different things i think. My problem was, i am tiny -i have to shop in the kids/teens section - and haven't been able to find any in my size.  That all changed when i spotted these two gorgeous sheer shirts, one in a lovely mustard colour and the other in a forrest green,  in Sophie @ Internacionale, a shop i had never heard of until my cousin went in there, then an OOTD video by Superbeauty nerd - who is also a redhead! :) - on YT. They both look awesome with my red hair!

 A closer look at the buttons and collar

Black Brouges (i also have them in tan) - Next
Wet Look Leggings, Animal Print Leggings & Leather Look Shorts - New Look
 Chocolate Butterfly Leather Lace-Up Boots (i also have these in black) - Next

Can you tell i have a thing for buying items in both black and brown?! lol

A closer look at the print

I hope you enjoyed seeing the kind of things that i like to wear. As a small 30 year old, it can be difficult to find find fashionable/non child like clothes. I usually tend to stick to the same stores, so it is always exciting for me to find new places like Sophie @ Internacionale

Until next time....

Lydia :)


The print on those leggings is AWESOME! They'd look great on my smooth hair free legs!

Sorry for commenting here about this, but how do we contact you about the blog sale section?

What were you after? I am not really doing it much anymore and just haven't had the time to remove stuff. However if I still have it and haven't donated to friends I can consider. Email me at kiramaltby at gmail dot com

Hey there fellow Gum Leaf Mafians! Just wanted to let you know that I have sent you a blog award :)

Keep up the good work chickas!

Nice one fellows. I felt happy with this blog.

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