Sunday, July 29, 2012

Australian Dollars
Shipping - $5.50 and is capped at $10 for any amount of bottles. If shipping/packaging is grossy under will refund or donate. I haven't shipped in ages so following a favorite Australian bloggers shipping pricing.
So far only shipping Australia ground for polish - if International pm me and we will discuss. Freebies of makeup samples may be thrown in :)

Email kiramaltby at
First come first served will email receipts of postage.
Nil refunds etc if bottles broken, polish is not what you like, missing package etc.

All bottles are of different ages - pictures at request and further descriptions.

The Face Shop
BL607 - $2

Sin City - $2

Beauty Style Petites - 50c each

Orly Mini's- 50c each
Velvet Rope
Lime Lite
Hot Stuff
Starry Eyed
Grape Glitz

 La Jour
49 - $3

Mini Coloroma - Maybelline
Tutti Fruitti - 50c

Bloom Mini's - 50c each
Lisa II

Mena – Full Size - $15

Unknow Brand Mini Size
50c each
Deep Purple
Dark pink
Dark blue

Del Sol - $1
Super Hero – colour change

Sinful Colours - $1.50 each
Rich in heart
Daddy’s Girl
What’s Your name

Chi Chi Mini's - 50c each
Coral Neon
Shiney Pink
Dark Purple
Light purple

Colour Club - $3 each
Almost Famous
Wham Pow

Love em leave em - $5

Loreal - $3 each
Dark Blue

Santee - $2
Starry Night Glitter

Kit - $5 each
Blow Out
Shop Love Ocean

LA Girls - $2 each
Crowd Surfing
Metallic – olive gold
Dark Purple shimmer
Holographic strip glitter

Nail Life - $1 each
What’s Hot #4
What’s hot #3

Orly - $5 each
Galaxy Girl

Revlon - $2 each
Gold Get’Em
Pure Pearl

Sephora by Opi - $1
Run with it

BK -50c
Gold Glitter

NYX - $1
40 Blue Ave

Femme Fatal - $3
Sky Fire

Butter London - $12
Henley Regatta

Hits - $4
Red Glitter Forte
Black Glitter Forte

Nicole by Opi - $10
Steps to the beat of my heart

Inglot - $10each

Zoya - $6each

Sally Hansen - $2each
Coral Amber
White Diamond
Ruby Diamond
Pink Rose Diamond
Blue me away

Wet and Wild - $1
Blue Moon

Bys - $2each
Matte Aqua
Down the Rabbit Hole
Cracked Finished Black
Glow in the dark
Pink Panic
Right Bright
Touch Blue Make True
Pouty Purple
Salmon - colour changing
Ultra Violet
Matte Pink
Matte Purple
Matte Mint Green
Aqua Blue – Nail Art

BB - $5each
Ride my Sleigh
Baloboa Beach Bunny
Dragons Breath

China Glaze - $12

Opi - $12 (DS $18) each
DS Treasure
DS illuminate
Teal the cows come home
Merry Berry Mauve
Teasey Does it

Ozotic - $10 each
214, 213, 601, 80, 609, 611

Nubar - $8 each
Iris Dust

Rimmel - $1
Desert Beauty

Ulta 3 - 50c

Glitter Gal - $10

Claires - $3 colour changing

Cult Nails - $8
Mind Control

Nfu Oh - $10

Jays Jays - $1
Thrill Seeker

Dito - $2
Grape Wine

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Collective Clothing & Shoes Haul: New Look, Next and Internacionale

Hi Guys

Whilst i'm not feeling up to doing make up at the moment, i thought i would show you what  i've picked up in the way of clothes and shoes over the past few weeks, Now, i'm no *insert name of famous photographer* but i did my best to try and photograph them for you, i wish i could have worn them but i don't have anyone on hand to take pictures of me. I did buy a full length mirror last month that i could have used but it arrived cracked so had to go back :(

Sheer Shirts - Sophie @ Internacionale

I've been looking for a sheer shirt for quite a while now, they seem to be everywhere at the moment and look really lovely worn with a lot of different things i think. My problem was, i am tiny -i have to shop in the kids/teens section - and haven't been able to find any in my size.  That all changed when i spotted these two gorgeous sheer shirts, one in a lovely mustard colour and the other in a forrest green,  in Sophie @ Internacionale, a shop i had never heard of until my cousin went in there, then an OOTD video by Superbeauty nerd - who is also a redhead! :) - on YT. They both look awesome with my red hair!

 A closer look at the buttons and collar

Black Brouges (i also have them in tan) - Next
Wet Look Leggings, Animal Print Leggings & Leather Look Shorts - New Look
 Chocolate Butterfly Leather Lace-Up Boots (i also have these in black) - Next

Can you tell i have a thing for buying items in both black and brown?! lol

A closer look at the print

I hope you enjoyed seeing the kind of things that i like to wear. As a small 30 year old, it can be difficult to find find fashionable/non child like clothes. I usually tend to stick to the same stores, so it is always exciting for me to find new places like Sophie @ Internacionale

Until next time....

Lydia :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

500th Post

Well I know I have been MIA, soi will do a little photo montage of what I have been doing! Picture HEAVY!!!

Well first up I got me some of these

So for those who can't see the small writing these are a: Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Respiratory Science and Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Sleep Science. So I have completed my postgraduate certificate. I am doing a Graduate Diploma in Sleep Science as we speak which hopefully will end up with a Masters next year. So yes busy studying - I now have the highest qualifications in the family - boo yeah!

Though I prefer the certificate in my under-gradute - I dislike the coloured paper and fake calligraphy script. These remind me of something I would do up for a work employee finishing a module. Not a postgrad qualification.

The next part some people might not want to look at - I had surgery! I would say 99.99% of people don't know I have an implanted medical device. This cracked and required surgical intervention to fix the catheter. The pump sits in my abdomen and tubing runs my medication cocktail (morphine and anaesthetic) to my spine. So I had two scars - so here they are staples included! look away if squeamish - no blood though.

 All puffed up and nowhere to go! Taken during a bandage change while in hospital
 I found it amusing how the staples gather the skin. All is flat now
 The on on my back. I few cm's to the left you can see the first scar
De-stapled! Though I am amazed the surgeon couldn't follow a straight line. If you look closely he deviates from the original scar on the right. The sad thing is I have to get him replaced in 4years and go through this again. It needs replacing every 7 years, I was just unlucky the tubing split so badly.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

Hi guys 

As you know from my last post, i bought this concealer last month, when Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer.I had heard lots of positive reviews so was looking forward to trying it.  I haven't used it loads but enough now to be able to tell you my thoughts on it.

What it promises
  • Ultimate wear concealer promises to conceal flaws, imperfections and blemishes
  • 16 hour wear
  • oil free
  • Transfer proof and water resistant for full and long lasting coverage
  • Provides beautiful blemish-free skin for every waking hour

It comes in 4 shades Fair, Light, Medium & Deep

I chose it in Fair, i was going to go for Light but i thought, i'm ghostly, so best to go with the lightest shade - i am glad i did because it matches very well!


swatched on the left
blended in on the right

What it does

You may not be able to tell by the picture, but this concealer is quite thick, but not cakey,  and opaque, it does cover my under eyes blueness and veining and also any redness i may have quite well. I have a normal skin type so i don't find it moves or wears off on me throughout the day, although i will add that i have never worn my make up for 16 hours so i can't confirm that it lasts that long!

The Verdict

This is a very good concealer, for the price. I am a big fan of the Mac Studio Finish Concealer, which i think i do prefer slightly more, but if i didn't want to fork out £13.50 for a new one,  i would repurchase this one again.

I know you can buy this concealer in Boots but i'm not sure where else you can buy Collection 2000

I hope you found this review helpful

Lydia :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Collective Haul: Urban Decay, No.7, Meow Cosmetics.....

Hi everyone

I know it's been a while since i posted. I've had a lot more homework since term started it seems, also i've been busy getting to know my birth family, so i have been a bit distracted recently, sorry about that!

Today i bring to you a collective haul of things i have bought since i was last here

No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser (muslin cloth not shown) - I've been using this for nearly 2 weeks now and i really like it so far
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner (travel size) "Stash" - My new favourite shade, next to "Lucky"
Meow Cosmetics Purrrfect Puss Mineral Foundation "Inquisitive Siamese" - I finally got my hands on this after being matched by Jen "the colour matching expert" earlier on this year
Burts Bees Mango Lip Balm - Tastes yummy and is so much more moisturising than my lipsmackers i was using before
Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash Mascara - I had heard some buzz about this mascara on YT so thought i would pick it up as Boots was having a 3 for 2 offer
Collection 2000 Last Perfection Concealer "Fair" - again, i picked this up after hearing good things about it from a few Youtubers

I hope you enjoyed my little haul

Lydia :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Has laptop will resume soon

I bought myself a macbook air finally. So I am one step closer to being able to get back into blogging. Unfortunately my medical pump has broken (explaining the increase in pain and issues) and I go in for major surgery this Monday (1 working day notice) to repair it. This is also right before I have some assignments due and my old flatmates are moving out and new ones and looking for new ones next week. So I still have things to iron out, but the bigger obstacle is over.

Soon to be back!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am a bit MIA recently. My work has gone into mega crazy, have two post grad degrees to work on and I need additional brain surgery, got two new diagnosis involving the heart and seeking a potential leak with a medical device I have in my body....

So make up has really not been on my rader nor do I have any real money for it. I am half tempted to sell some nail polish I have sitting around, but worried about postal service within Australia.

I do have some Eccentric Cosmetics I am really behind in reviewing, lots of nail polish that hasn't been tried etc. I am also a little down because I never got anything from the International Makeup Swap I did through Gothique. I feel kinda bad spending $60 with nothing in return, so have been kinda down on makeup and only really putting on tinted moisturizer.

I want to get back to all of this, its just harder for me ever since my laptop died. I can't spend many hours sitting up because of my declining health and the time I do have is for work and uni. I am aiming to get a laptop this month so hopefully with a bit more down time to do things I can get back to writing.

I have enjoyed reading everyone else's blog on my phone though :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Haul: Illamasqua Blushes

Hi Guys,
A couple of weeks ago i got the illamasqua "bug" again and took the opportunity to use my Glossybox 20% off promo code to pick up some more of their blushes. I also got a £5.41 discount so i got over £17 off my order total! :)

I got three cream and one powder blush. I just fell in love with the first one i got in "Rude" and couldn't wait to try some more colours. Feast your eyes on these....

Lover, Laid, Promise, Dixie 

(Swatched generously) Lover, Laid, Promise, Dixie 

Lover (powder blush) - Soft apricot, matte finish
Laid - bright rosy pink, dewy finsih
Promise - warm candy pink, dewy finish
Dixie - warm coral pink, dewy finish

I just love how they leave a gorgeous dewy sheen on your cheek and give you a nice natural flushed look, they also smell nice too! haha I like to apply these with either a Mac 188 brush or my fingers.

Let me know if you like the Illamasqua blushes and what your top picks are

Lydia :)

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